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international oil prices have skyrocketed

The trump calling out the lingering effects of Iran's nuclear agreement, at the same time, crude oil inventories fell more than expected in the United States, Europe and the United States a strong rebound in crude oil futures to three year high, WTI settled more than three years to $71 a barrel for the first time, brent crude oil futures settled more than three years to $77 a barrel for the first time.WTI crude oil futures settled at $71.14 a barrel on Wednesday, up $2.08, or 3.0%, at $69.85-71.36.Brent crude settled at $77.21 a barrel in July, up $2.36, or 3.2 percent, from the previous session, trading at $76.08-77.43.SC crude oil 1809 contract settlement price was 455.8 yuan/barrel, down 3.7 yuan from the previous session, 0.99%, and trading range 445.3-466.6 yuan.Volume 244,268 hands, holding 25,760 positions, an increase of 2416 hands;The total contract volume was 244,622, with a holding capacity of 26,954 and an increase of 2410 hands, with a total transaction value of 111.1510.4 billion yuan.

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