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Some tips for using candles

1. Be sure to remove the package before igniting the candle and avoid flammable materials and children or pets can reach the place, it is recommended to be placed on the candlestick or candle holder to ensure safety and keep the furniture surface clean.

2. Each before the wick pruned to 0.5 ~ 0.7cm, can make the combustion does not produce black smoke; Do not placed in the windward, so as not to fire the candle askew skew burning edge, the formation of unsightly wax liquid or wax droplets.

3. If you do not extinguish the candle when the candle is extinguished, you can erect the index finger in front of the candle. When the air is blown, the air will bypass the finger to extinguish the fire by both sides of the candle, which is easier than blowing out directly.

4. If the wax drops on the furniture, the iron can be melted and then remove the wax block, so as not to scratch the furniture surface; if dropped on the carpet, kraft paper can be put on the ironing iron, you can successfully remove.

5. Candles into the candle cup or candlestick before adding a small amount of water to the cup, the candle is easier to change, but also to avoid damage to the candlestick.

6. When the candle is burning, adding a little salt to the wick will make the candle more gorgeous and prolong the burning time.

7. Fragrance candles can use the principle of burning, the first burning smell, and then spread the aromatic molecules in the air, but the fragrance candle is not applicable in the restaurant, because the smell of food may be covered, it is recommended to use meal taiwan smell more Elegant candle

8. Avoid the same space at the same time ignite different fragrance candles, easy to lose individual flavor.

9. It is advisable to stop burning the candle after every 2 to 3 hours of combustion and let the indoor air flow.

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