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Chinese Paraffin Wax Market Reviews

Supply side: the current market resources are tight, the refinery has no inventory pressure, and the refinery plant is running smoothly this week and the supply is normal.

Demand side: current traders plan to purchase and increase the quantity of goods.With the approaching of the Spring Festival, manufacturers are taking leave, and downstream demand or shrinking.Affected by weather and traffic, traders took less goods.On the whole, the demand of paraffin is mainly stable.

Outlook on the market: the current market trading atmosphere is still available, supply and demand is stable.Close to the holiday, affected by factory leave and traffic inconvenience, downstream demand will be declined.Considering that the current refinery has no inventory pressure, the shipment is smooth and the market is more optimistic.Zhuo chuang predicts that the market price will not fluctuate this week and the market will be stable.

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