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Paraffin Wax Market In China 9th April

Influence of raw materials: after the holiday, the trading market is gradually active, but the crude oil market continues to slow down, showing no signs of recovery.The trade problem is getting worse, global stock markets are struggling to stabilize, and the price of oil continues to plunge in the short term.Oil prices will continue a slow decline this week, wary of a short-term slump.Paraffin market is not good, raw material market has no good support.

Supply side: current market resources are sufficient, refinery inventory pressure is large.Traders have plenty of stock and pressure to ship.

The demand side: the paraffin market resources are sufficient, the downstream demand is low, the quantity is small.As a whole, the demand for paraffin market has not improved recently.

The outlook of the market: the current market of paraffin wax is light, the downstream demand continues to be low, the sellers are difficult to ship.it predicts that the wax market will be stable in the near future, and the downstream traders may have low prices.

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