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The Application Of Fischer Tropsch Wax

Fischer tropsch wax has the characteristics of high melting point, low viscosity, high hardness and so on. It has excellent performance in many application fields.

Main application features:

1. Plastics industry: the feto wax can be applied to plastic processing, such as injection molding, extrusion and granulation industry.In the process of the production of color masterbatch and modified plastics, fito wax can be used to disperse and smooth the packing.Can be used as PVC outer lubricant, low viscosity can improve the production rate of products, help fillers when mixing dispersion especially in high viscosity system out of better employment, 40-50% less than normal PE wax content, and can significantly improve product surface gloss.In the use of strong color, the melted feto wax can effectively moisten the dye and reduce the extrusion viscosity.

2. Ink and coating: when used in ink with particle powder, it can improve wear resistance and crease resistance of application materials.When applied to the coating, it can have a wrinkling effect, which can be used in the micropowder state to form the wrinkles and wrinkle effect.Adding powder coating resin to lubricate the extrusion process can reduce screw torque and reduce energy consumption and increase production efficiency.

3. Adhesive: it is the ideal synthetic wax used by EVA base hot melt adhesive.The wax of high melting point can improve the heat resistance and quick drying of adhesive.In the application of adhesive, the characteristics of feto wax are:

1. It is synthesized directly through CO and H2, without any pollution or taste, and can be directly used in the hot melt adhesive industry in food contact through the FDA certification.

2. The product has low viscosity at high temperature, which can increase the fluidity of hot melt adhesive and enhance the infiltration degree of the adhesive surface.

3. High condensation point can improve heat resistance of hot melt adhesive.

4. Small needle penetration can improve the strength of hot melt adhesive.

5. The carbon distribution range is narrow, the opening time is small, and the quick drying is good.

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