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The Candle No Longer Tears

What a pleasant thing to do when birthday candles are inserted on the birthday cake, lit, and your wishes are bestowed on friends' birthday greetings!

However, it is embarrassingly silent if the wax of a lit candle drips onto the cake! Eat a cake containing wax oil in the end there is no harm to the body who do not know. So the best way is not to let the oil flow down.

Tell you a good way to freeze the birthday candle in the freezer for 24 hours before inserting it into the cake and ignite the cake without burning candle oil. May ask if the candle is not frozen in the refrigerator enough for 24 hours, will there be still wax to stay? In fact, the time you put the candle on the cake should not be long, so if the freezing time is less than 24 hours, it will not affect its effect. If enough 24 hours, is the best!

Then maybe you might ask, why does not the wax flow down after the candle has been frozen in the freezer?

That is because the temperature of the candle after it has been frozen in the refrigerator is relatively low, and the entire candle has only the temperature of the spotted part, so that the unmelted wax will hold the melted wax inside the candle wick, Will not flow out.

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