Buy candle tips
- Nov 07, 2017 -

1 The higher the transparency, the better the quality. Good quality candles, the body should be transparent after the lit, the less the amount of impurities, the better the light perception, such a candle smoke-free odor, harmless to the human body, as environmental candles. Can be used when the flashlight irradiation candle, transparent or not at a glance. (This move is the candle demon invented and practice for many years, it is easy to use oh)

2 Selection of scented candles must pay attention to, not the more the better the fragrance, the best purchase of natural spices, or artificial flavors on the human body will cause no harm. If you are not sure, it is safer to buy smoke-free and odorless candles.

3 high-quality candles should be the summer will not be deformed, will not fade, can retain a longer period of time. If you stick to the dust, wipe with a clean damp cloth, the conditions can be re-rubbed with Vaseline, then as new.

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