Full Refined Wax Slab has Low Sensitivity and Good Sealing Properties
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Paraffin oil, also known as mineral oil, is a colorless, odorless mixture obtained from the fractionation of crude oil. It can be divided into light mineral oil and general mineral oil, while light mineral oil has low specific gravity and viscosity. Because mineral oil has low sensitivity and good closure, it has the effect of blocking the evaporation of skin moisture, so it is often used as a smooth moisturizer in skin care products such as baby oil, emulsion or cream. In addition, because of its good oil-soluble properties, it will also appear in makeup remover or makeup remover. The data show that mineral oil with poor purification and high impurity has certain carcinogenicity.

Solid paraffin is composed of a variety of hydrocarbons, mainly the n-alkane CnHntz, and also contains some solid isomerized alkanes, cycloalkanes, and a small amount of aromatic hydrocarbons. The number of carbon atoms in commercial paraffin is generally 22-36, the molecular weight range is 360-540, and the boiling point range is 300-550. C, please. Pure paraffin is white, odorless and odorless, and impurity paraffin is yellow. Paraffin is insoluble in water and has a very low solubility in alcohols and ketones. It is soluble in carbon tetrachloride, trichloromethane, ether, benzene, paraffin ether, carbon disulfide, various mineral oils, and most vegetable oils.

Paraffin wax has large thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity, no heat convection characteristics, and no moisture content. When cooled, it emits a large amount of heat energy(melt heat or solidification heat). Therefore, it can make human body tissues resistant to long-term heat effects at higher temperatures(55-70 °C), which is superior to other hyperthermia. It is generally believed that after applying paraffin to the human body, the local temperature quickly rises by 8-12 °C. After a period of time, it gradually decreases, but the temperature drops very slowly and maintains a certain temperature within 60 minutes.

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