Fully Refined wax Can Be Used to Make Detergent, Grease, Plasticizer
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Paraffin wax is in the long-term hot melting state during the modeling or coating process, and it is in contact with the air. Paraffin wax has more oil content. The main component of paraffin wax is solid, has no taste and no smell.  The color is white or a pale yellow translucent solid.  Paraffin wax also has a clear crystal structure. 

The use of paraffin wax is made by humans, and it will certainly have its own use. Paraffin wax is mainly used to make matches, canvas, etc.. It can be used to make packaging for some goods, such as drugs, food, tea, etc., and can also make detergents. Grease, plasticizer, etc..
Although paraffin can be made into many items, but it also has a certain degree of harm, and more exposure will directly affect our health, some of rice on the market, many businesses in order to make the rice look more attractive to people, they put some wax on the rice, so that the whole barrel looks smooth.  It can be seen that it is also the same as Apple. The fruit we eat in our daily life will also be put into paraffin.