High Value Added Wax Products Promote the Economic Benefits of Enterprises
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Despite the large production of paraffin in China, the product structure is not reasonable.  The production of special wax products with high added value is very low, accounting for only about 0.5 % of the paraffin production, which is much lower than the total production of paraffin wax 93 * 104t/a.  Special wax and special wax products account for 30 % of the total production in the United States.  The application scope of paraffin in China also affects the economic benefits of paraffin production enterprises. Therefore, in China, the development, production and promotion of special wax products is the way to make full use of precious paraffin resources, to meet domestic and foreign market demand, and to increase the development of economy.
Fully refined paraffin wax, also known as refined white wax, fully refined paraffin wax appearance is white solid, there are block and granular products. Its products have a higher melting point, less oil content, no adhesion at room temperature, no sweat, no greasy feel, waterproof, moisture-proof and electrical insulation. Due to the depth of refinement, the content of thick cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is low. Chemical stability and light, good thermal stability, strong toughness, good plasticity, white color, no mechanical impurities and moisture, no smell.
Fully refined paraffin wax soluble: benzene. Ether. Chloroform, carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, turpentine, petroleum, stationary oils. It is mainly used in high-frequency porcelain, carbon paper, iron pen wax paper, precision casting, decorative sound-absorbing board and other products. Also used in packaging, electronics, textile candle crayons, match manufacturing and other industries. In addition, the manufacture of advanced candles as well as various industrial and civilian candle products raw materials and additives, modifiers and so on.