Paraffin Wax Manufacturer Brief Explain Oil Refined
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Oil fuels mainly include gasoline, kerosene, diesel and fuel oil.
Gasoline is the most well-known petroleum fuel. Different gasoline components such as straight gasoline components, catalytic cracking gasoline components, and catalytic reforming gasoline components obtained from oil refining have been refined and prepared by blending with high-octane components.
Gasoline is mainly used as fuel for cars, motorcycles, speedboats, helicopters, and agricultural and forestry aircraft.
Aviation kerosene
It is mainly used for jet aircraft and turboprop aircraft.
Diesel is mainly made up of diesel distillation produced during crude oil refining and conversion; It can also be prepared from shale oil processing and coal liquefaction.
Diesel is widely used in large vehicles and ships.
Why do large vehicles use diesel?
The simplest reason is that the heat value of diesel is higher than that of gasoline. Large motor vehicles require large horsepower, so diesel is generally used.
Fuel oil
Fuel oil is mainly made from oil cracking residue oil and straight distillation residue oil. Its characteristics are large viscosity, containing non-hydrocarbon compounds, glial, and asphalt. Commodity fuel oils are distinguished by the size of viscosity.

why oil should be refined?
Grease refining is important for the life of the product. Some people will say: rough processing nutrition. For grease, that's not true. If grease acid failure, several major factors: light, heat, oxygen, microorganisms, metals, etc., refined oils that unsafe and unprofitable substances removed are relatively more conducive to the quality of oil maintenance.

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