The history of the use of candles
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Candles are generally used for lighting but have been gradually replaced by electric lights since the Electric Revolution. Candles are mostly spare lighting supplies for power outages. Candles are also used on festivals or other special occasions and places of worship. Rallies or collective mourning activities often burn candles. China's traditional wedding will burn red candles to show festive; funeral will burn white candles. Another candle is also used for warming and so on.

Candle with shell

[Principle] we see the burning of the candle is not the combustion of paraffin solid, but the ignition device will ignite the wick, the release of heat to paraffin solid melting, and then vaporized to generate paraffin vapor, paraffin vapor is flammable. (Solid paraffin is also flammable) Burning in an oxygen bottle Flames bright white light, emit heat, the bottle wall mist appears. The reaction is: paraffin + oxygen - light = water + carbon dioxide

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