The outlook for paraffin wax this week: the market is stable and the trading is flat.
- May 07, 2018 -

Raw material market: next week, the U.S. crude oil trend will be strong overall, the general direction will continue the recent high volatility of 67-69 usd, It will be helpful for the slack paraffin market.

Market supply: the current refinery inventory is high and the domestic market resources are sufficient.In the aspect of equipment operation, gaoqiao petrochemical is in the maintenance period, and the other refinery units are running smoothly.

Downstream demand: the current stock of traders has declined significantly, and there is a purchase intention.As refinery policy is clear and planned, market demand may improve at the beginning of the month, but it will still be dominated by fresh demand.

Market mentality: the market is still in a state of mind-boggling, and merchants are still waiting to focus on refinery policy changes.The raw material market price up, the market mentality has a certain boost to use.