What is the role of PE wax in PVC?
- Nov 07, 2017 -

The important application of PE wax in PVC processing. It does not adversely affect melt tension and Vicat softening point and provides excellent resistance to blocking and flow control compared to fatty acid type lubricants. PE wax can be used in special processing methods to control the melting. Even with a large amount of addition can have good compatibility with other ingredients.

PE wax is the only one of the known plastic lubricants that combines internal lubrication and external lubrication (mold release effect), while maintaining high transparency and having almost no effect on the gelatinization. In addition, the low volatility of PE waxes is of paramount importance for calendaring and vacuum degassing.

PE wax as an internal lubricant with good compatibility with the polymer, which plays a role in reducing the cohesion of polymer molecules inside the polymer, thereby improving the internal friction heat and the melt flow of the plastic melt.

The role of PE waxes as external lubricants is primarily to improve the friction of the polymer melt with the hot metal surface of the processing equipment. It has poor compatibility with polymers and easily migrates out of the melt, so it forms a lubricious layer at the interface of the plastic melt with the metal.