What is wax ball? And its classification
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Ball wax, short for ball candle. Ball-shaped candle looks smooth, similar to the ball, the core of the wax core of the top of the ball. After lighting the ball wax, as it slowly burns, the center will be recessed so that no wax will flow out. Ball wax is one of the daily candles, can be used for decoration, can also be used for general lighting. Candle hut ball wax wax used mostly for decoration, mostly in the room. Ordinary lighting ball wax, it will be used in bars, clubs and other places.

Ball wax will be divided into many kinds, the first: Christmas ball candle, this type of ball wax, the appearance of the red or green stripes interval, fruit ball type. Mainly used for Christmas decorations, can be hung in the Christmas tree, can also be placed in the hall, the room inside, to add Christmas atmosphere for the family. The second: aromatherapy ball candles, ball wax is also aromatherapy, there are many kinds of fragrance, lavender, lily, mint, lemon and so on. The third: Float ball candle, the biggest feature of this wax ball is able to float on the water, all also known as floating ball wax. Lit a ball of wax, and then let him float floating in the water, but also very warm.