Girls Singapore Travel, See The Locals Candles As Food, After Knowing The Reasons For Full Praise!
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Girls Singapore travel, eat in a restaurant, I saw a lot of local people eat this restaurant in a special - candle oil dip bread! It seems there is still money online red food, eat it is the pursuit of young people who pursue the novel fashion novelty. Girls wonder, how can the candle eat?

In order to know the truth, the girl deliberately set the locals almost, this under the knowledge to know, turned out to be a creative dish, the candle is not our ordinary candle, but with animal fat plus some food made! This kind of "candle" burns quickly and burns out after a long time in a minute. After it is burned, the burnt juice flows to the plate below. After the flow is good, the waiter comes back to bring these "candle oil "To heat, then sprinkle some sauce on top, seasoning mix well. You can take a good hand-made bread dipped to eat! The girl also tried the dish for a try, and after eating, I realized the taste of the dish was fantastic and praised it for being very creative!