Match With Wine Flowers And Candles
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Enjoy the beautiful colors, indulge in a rich aroma, drink wine, must not lack bright cups and bright lighting. In addition, there are very important things. That is the atmosphere.

All gather together for a bustling banquet, or two whispers of wine time, need to spend. If it is two quietly spent occasions, coupled with the candlelight, but also to bring the atmosphere.

Feel the passage of time like smoke, in quiet days, or pay attention to the arrangement of flowers and candles. Do not choose to spend more than half of the entire table large flowers, choose small and lovely species. The most suitable is that there is no fragrance of flowers. A flower in the vase, a little decoration is enough.

Rose, Scented, Acorus calamus, Gerbera, Dianthus, tulip, etc. can be, according to the mood and preferences at the time of choice. Candle to be inserted in the tall candlestick, lit candlelight. It is best to have the height of the flame the same height as the person sitting at the table. Because the face reflected from the lower position will make people look unkind.