Sweden * Candles Are Very Particular About
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Swedes wear more casual, but in the use of candles, but not sloppy. In the streets of Stockholm, a wide range of candle shops are found almost everywhere, while in the department stores, supermarkets and grocery stores there are also special sales candles.

Different types of candles are very particular about their use. If you have dinner, you usually prepare a large candle about 15 cm in diameter and 5 cm high. The candles are very wind-resistant, so the owner puts them outdoors to greet guests, which is said to be done to make it easier for guests to find their home. And with this large candle side by side, is a round aluminum candle package, which is also the Swedes most commonly used one, each diameter of 3 cm, 1 cm high, generally used indoors. Put a few of these small candles in a large candlestick, all lit up exceptionally good-looking. If the banquet is more important guests, Swedes will point in the indoor very good craft candles.

Candlestick is more particular than the candle, different types of candles to be coordinated with the candlestick, slender candle to be placed on the traditional iron candlestick just as with the general will be used when dining; if it is thick or non-traditional shape Candles, can be placed in the heart-shaped, fruit-type candlestick, chatting with guests, such a display can create a more lively atmosphere.

But also adjust the mood

Another reason Swedes prefer candles is to regulate emotions. There are many types of candles in Sweden, one that does not seem to be the same as a real snowball. Some people say that using the candle in the summer will make people feel cool. There is also a scented candle, which incorporates a special glue, also added a variety of natural spices, there will be bursts of fruit. It is said that this scented candle is also used by Swedish psychiatrists who will recommend different scented candles to be used by the patients for treatment depending on the patient.