Sweden's Feelings For The Candles Are Deep
- Nov 07, 2017 -

Winter in Sweden is up to six months, and sunshine hours are short. In December, there are many places where there is no sunlight for almost all day. In the era of no light, all Swedish families would have a large number of candles, at that time, candles, like food and water, is a necessity for people's lives.

Now, despite the widespread availability of lights and other lighting equipment, Swedes still love the candle. Statistics show that only 9 million people in Sweden, but the world's annual consumption of candles one of the highest. Many Swedish families not only have candlesticks in every room, but they consume about 50 candles on average each month.

Swedes enjoy outdoor sun exposure and enjoy nature; while at home, people like to place a candle, swaying candlelight not only to create a warm atmosphere, but also the whole family enjoyable embodiment. So, in the eyes of Swedes who value nature and their families, candles and the sun are equally important.