The Present Paraffin Market Situation
- Apr 04, 2018 -

From the refinery, we know that the current inventory pressure is large and the worry is increasing.2. The overall supply of the market exceeds the demand, and market participants are more worried about the future market.3. The market trading volume is light with the psychology of buying up and not buying.On the whole, the market is worried.

the current market resources of paraffin wax are abundant, and the atmosphere of the investment is insipid, and the market worries are obvious.There is no improvement in downstream demand, and it is difficult for merchants to ship goods.With the coming of the qingming holiday, the volume of goods and the amount of goods are reduced, or the market volume is affected to a certain predicts that the short-term market supply and demand will not be alleviated, the recent paraffin market is holding steady, not to exclude the possibility of the price reduction of individual refineries.