Melting Point 54-56 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax For Sales

Melting Point 54-56 Fully Refined Paraffin Wax For Sales

Melting point 54-56 fully refined paraffin wax is low melitng point and low price.and can be used in candle making,cardboard,coating,textile,rubber industries as one of main raw materials.

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This is John from Liaoning Fushun Tongyi Special Paraffin Wax Products Co.,Ltd established in 2007 which has been specializing in producing paraffin wax. as one of leading paraffin wax suppliers in China. all liquid paraffin wax raw materials we use are from Fushun petrochemical refinery which is the biggest paraffin wax production base in the world.with reliable quality,good service and competitive price we enjoy good reputation in the domestic and overseas markets.our buyers are mainly from North America, South America,Europe,and Aisa.our fully refined paraffin wax melting point is from 54℃ to 64℃.the brand name we are dealing in is KunLun and our own TongYi. if you have interest in our products pls kindly contact me freely.thanks a lot.

Fully refined paraffin wax
ItemValueTest Method
Melting point, °C ≥545658606264GB/T 2539
Oil content, %(mass)≤0.5GB/T 3554
Color, Saybolt scale≥+27≥+25GB/T 3555
Light Stability≤4≤5SH/T 0404
Penetration, (25°C),1/10mm≤19≤17GB/T 4985
Kinematic viscosity, (100°C),m/sReportGB/T 265
Odor number≤1SH/T 0414
Water soluble acid/baseNot detectedSH/T 0407
Mechanical impurity & moistureNot detectedVisual inspection

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