Paraffin wax the market is light at the end of the month
- Jul 30, 2018 -

Raw material effects: this week, oil prices remain upbeat and bullish, and U.S. crude will easily stay above $70 a barrel, with brent on track to return to the $75 level.The recent weakness of the dollar is expected to continue to show a weak downward performance, also good for oil prices rise, the paraffin market may be good support.

Supply side effect: at present, the domestic refinery plant is running normally, and daqing petrochemical company is expected to stop production and repair at the end of the month, when the market resources supply may decline.

Demand side influence: at present domestic paraffin price rises sporadically, the market buys to go up not to buy to drop psychology to be driven, the businessman may have stock up behavior.The export market may improve recently, and the international market demand has increased.

point of view: at present, the paraffin market as a whole is stable, and the market has a strong wait-and-see attitude at the end of the expects the market listing price to be stable this week.