China-Africa Oil Cooperation For Common Development
- Sep 06, 2018 -

Africa is one of the major cooperation areas for overseas enterprises of China National Petroleum Corporation(hereinafter referred to as "China Petroleum") and has witnessed the fruitful results of China-Africa oil cooperation. Since its first cooperation with Africa in the oil field in 1995, China's oil industry has established an upstream and downstream integrated, technologically advanced and large-scale oil industry system in many African countries, which has brought great changes to the local economy, society and people's lives. It has received high recognition from the local government and the people.

In Algeria, Petrochina signed a series of agreements with the national oil company of Afghanistan in 2003 to launch an uplink and downstream integration project in the country's adar region. The project led to the construction of infrastructure and basic industries in the four southern provinces of Algeria.

In Niger, in three years, Petrochina has built a million-ton-a-year production base, a 462 km pipeline and a modern refinery in the heart of the Sahara desert. In November 2011, Ajiademu completed the upstream and downstream integration project, marking Niger's entry into the ranks of oil-producing countries.

Industrialization is one of the key areas of China-Africa cooperation and the only way for Africa to develop.
With the support of Chinese companies, many African countries have gradually established a complete modern oil industry system.

PetroChina is also actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and improving local people's lives: building schools, drilling wells and building clinics. (b) Work with the Chadian local foundation to improve local health, education, and the living conditions of women and children; Organize "big hands and small hands" activities to organize local staff and children's entertainment; Holding a friendly football match with local students ... China-Africa oil cooperation is not only an economic cooperation, but also a bridge to communicate with the people.