Paraffin Wax Has Great Plasticity
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Fully refined paraffin products are in a hot melting state for a long period of time during the modeling or coating process, and are in contact with the air. If the stability is not good, it is easy to oxidize deterioration, deepen the color, and even emit odors. In addition, paraffin wax will turn yellow when used under light conditions. Therefore, paraffin wax is required to have good thermal stability, oxidation stability and light stability. The main factors affecting the stability of paraffin are the trace amounts of non-hydrocarbon compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. In order to improve the stability of paraffin, it is necessary to refine the paraffin wax to remove these impurities.


Paraffin has great plasticity, viscosity and extensibility. As the heat energy is dispersed and cooled, the paraffin gradually hardens, its volume can be reduced by 10-20 %, and the solidified paraffin can be maintained at 40-48 °C within 70-90 minutes, which is not available in other hypertherms. At the same time, this heat is transmitted slowly to the human body. The skin temperature under paraffin during wax therapy generally rises to 40-45 °C and remains high throughout the treatment period. The paraffin placed on the skin rapidly cools to form a strong wax film that protects the skin from the subsequent heat of the paraffin.