Good Synthesis Performance Of Fully Refined Paraffin Wax
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Fully refined paraffin with plastics, fiber called the three major synthetic materials, has a highly flexible and excellent elasticity of high-molecular sealing materials.  

The biggest feature of protective wax is that the elastic modulus is very small and the elongation is high. 

The second is that the protective wax has a good air permeability and resistance to various chemical media and electrical insulation. Some special synthetic protective wax have good oil resistance and temperature resistance. Protection wax can resist the swelling of fat oil, lubricant, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, and solvent oil. The resistance of protective wax can be as low as -60 °C to -80 °C, and the heat resistance of protective wax can be as high as +180 °C to +350 °C. The protective wax is also resistant to all kinds of bending and bending, because the lag loss is small.

The third characteristic of protective wax is that the protective wax can be used together with a variety of sealing materials, mixed and compounded, and thus modified, so that the protective wax seal products have a good comprehensive performance. 

These basic properties of protective wax make protective wax an excellent industrial shock absorber, seal, buckling, wear resistance, corrosion protection, insulation and bonding materials.