Investment Bank: How Good Is The Oil Market?
- Jul 31, 2018 -

In addition to technical factors, the recent oil market itself has also ushered in a number of good news.Analysts said there have been a number of factors contributing to the recent gains in oil prices, especially as markets begin to realize that geopolitical risks will not recede soon, and the easing of trade between the us and Europe has boosted expectations of oil demand, which could be supported later.

1. Geopolitical risk premium increases: the geopolitical risk premium has increased since last week's attack on two Saudi oil tankers and the suspension of Saudi oil shipments through the mandela strait in yemen's houseibu.

2. Concern about the situation in Iran: the oil price could benefit from either the U.S. imposing sanctions or Iran taking countermeasures.If there is an outburst of violence between the us and Iran, the oil price may rise sharply in a short time.

OPEC production uncertainty: uncertainty in Libya, Nigeria and venezuela, and Saudi Arabia needs to reduce capacity constraints to make up for possible future supply shortages.The international energy agency has warned that any new supply disruption could push up prices