Outlook For The Week: Good Trading Atmosphere Or Ready Market
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The average price of the current mainstream model 58# is 7222.5 yuan/ton, up 0.26% from last week, up 1.94% year on year.

Raw material impact: this week, the oil market will consolidate around $66 - $68 a barrel.The consolidation market will continue, short-term fluctuations can not effectively break through the narrow range of fluctuations, paraffin market impact has a certain lag.

Supply impact: at present Daqing petrochemical and Lanzhou petrochemical shut down maintenance, the rest of the plant running smoothly.Overall, the paraffin market supply has declined.

Demand side effect: affected by the rising price of paraffin in China, market stocking behavior, market demand slightly increased.In terms of the international market, the international market demand has not yet recovered due to the economic environment.

Point of view: the current paraffin market trading is stable, the market according to the need to purchase at the same time, some merchants prepare goods, the market trading atmosphere is fair.it predicted that the paraffin market listing price next week is mainly stable, not excluding the possibility of sporadic refiners increase.

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