The Influence Of U.S Tarrif Policy Agaist Chinese Paraffin Wax Market
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The American tariff policy has limited influence on the export market of paraffin wax, which is more reflected in the domestic economic environment and market mentality.The us trade representative's office will release a list of goods within 15 days, followed by 30 days of public notice, which will be closely watched by market participants.This paper figure that paraffin breadth of downstream demand, in addition to the candle, plank, cartons, tires and rubber and other fields of than is bigger also, accounted for 26.06%, 26.06% and 17.51%, respectively, such as by export inhibition in plank, furniture, will further affect paraffin market demand.

On the other hand, the current downstream terminal demand is less than expected, the inventory is slowly rising, and the current wax market is weak.In the short term, the tariff adjustment will cause market instability and further depress market trading.In the long run, the tariff adjustment may restrain exports to some extent, whereas the domestic economic environment may be improved, domestic demand or good expectations.Overall, the paraffin market is holding steady, the market is on the sidelines.