Fully Refined Paraffin To Increase Crude Oil Recovery
- Sep 04, 2018 -

There is an indirect method of wax removal that can be used for secondary oil extraction using solar energy. It heats the crude oil produced at the wellhead and then feeds part of the heated crude oil back into the oil layer, reducing the viscosity of the remaining crude oil in the oil layer, making this part of the crude oil easy to extract, pump and process. First, scientists use solar energy(and other low-cost energy such as geothermal energy) to heat the circulating working liquid in the closed heat exchanger tube in the crude oil storage tank, and the working liquid transmits heat energy to the crude oil in the storage tank; Then, the heated crude oil is pumped into the oil layer and the remaining crude oil in the oil layer is heated to reduce its viscosity and increase the crude oil recovery rate.
The distillation of crude oil is divided into several different boiling points(ie, fractions) called a single process; Reprocessing the fractions obtained from a single process into commercial oil is called secondary processing; The process of making basic organic chemical raw materials from commodity oil obtained from secondary processing is called three processing. (a) A processing unit; Volatile distillation or ordinary vacuum distillation. Secondary processing device: catalytic, hydrocracking, delayed coking, catalytic reforming, hydrocarbon base, hydrorefining, etc.. Three processing devices: cracking process to produce ethylene, aromatic hydrocarbons and other chemical raw materials. The Octane number is an indicator of the shock resistance of gasoline when it is burned in a gasoline engine. The standard isooctane number is often set at 100, and the Octane number of n-heptane is set at zero. The two standard fuels are mixed in different volume ratios to obtain a variety of different earthquake-resistant grades of mixture, under the same conditions as the engine., And compare it to the fuel to be tested. The percentage of isooctane contained in the mixture with equal shock resistance to the sample is the Octane number of the sample. Gasoline has a large octane number, good earthquake resistance, and good quality.