How To Protect The Candle Flame Is Not Blown Out? Huge Glass Actually Than This Piece Of Paper!
- Nov 07, 2017 -

A candle without any shelter can easily be blown out by us.

But put a piece of paper in front of the candle, with the protection of paper, the candle blowing immortality. Place a glass in front of the candle, blown out immediately, so the glass does not protect the candle. Take out the largest laboratory beaker, the candle will still be blown out.


As we can see from the top view, when the airflow encounters the glass, it is divided into two pieces, and around the edge of the glass, it flows across the glass. It has the same strength and still extinguishes the candle, so in this experiment, placing the glass did not block the airflow.

And if the candle is placed in front of the paper, the paper is equivalent to a wall, the air flow along the paper to the left and right spread, and naturally blown out the candle. Therefore, when we encounter a strong wind in the future, hiding behind trees or columns is of no use. It is better to find a wall to protect us from the wind.